Sunday, 3 October 2010

Changes in the environment

As you may have noted, this blog has undergone some changes. Most important of these changes would be the removal of the users' ability to comment, and I find it dramatic enough to warrant an explanation. See the thing is, I've done some extensive promoting of this site, and while I would not like to go to details, let's just say that the traffic has multiplied quite a few times - that means quite a few times more than is actually possible. This of course has brought in some problems in form of undesired attention aka spam. Even though I find the ability to leave comments to be both valuable and constructive when used correctly, these problems have forced me to simply disable it until I'm not targeted anymore.

Other, more positive changes, are the addition of labels to the posts which should help you better find the subjects you enjoy.

With this being said, I can only hope you are able to cope with these changes for the time being, for I see no better way.