Thursday, 23 September 2010

The cleansing wind

As the new day dawns on the horizon and the misguided prepare for their daily routines, one is able to clearly see the need of the world. This state has persisted for too long with people being driven by their manufactured goals and lives in which they seek fulfillment from where it can not be found. It is these people that are responsible for the arrival of the first wind of Intersegmenton. The wind that will cleanse the impure minds to reveal the clarity that was being consumed by the accumulated rust. But the first wind is weak and it cannot awaken everyone. Every dawn it howls through the cities, looking for it's children, but so many turn it away. But you know better for you walk on the forefront. You embrace the first wind as it embraces you, it's child. In that moment even the world cannot oppose you, for you stand with the wind of Intersegmention.