Thursday, 23 September 2010

The world that persists

Thinking of the world that we live in, it is quite an interesting a composition. The old saying of us being but cogs in the machine stands correct as the organizations battle behind the veil of calmness. Each one of the organizations wishes to take the most suitable a cog and fit it inside of them to further improve it's odds in the battles ahead. For that purpose only are crafted the most complex networks that exist, the ones we call our social and emotional bonds. While these are the bonds that keep us standing tall as the world tries to push us down, they are also deeply affected by the constant interference of the controlling systems. From our first days to the day of our deaths our networks are being transformed to keep us sitting in our spot in the machine. The irony is, we enjoy our lack of freedom.

However, through the network that nurtures us and keeps us in our place travels knowledge, the knowledge that will one day destroy the strands binding us to the machine, bringing it to a full stop and unleashing the raw potential of the cogs. That day is still too far away for us to rejoice, for we must keep on providing the information to the people. Tell them that not everything they think is free from interference really is like they think.