Friday, 24 September 2010

The vibrations within our heads

A man can derive his pleasure from a multitude of subjects. Each of these may be very important to the person in question, even though someone else can't see any sense with his fondness of whatever he finds pleasing. One could say this lack of global fondness of similar things is a fundamental flaw in all human interactions.

Take music for an example. Even though the physical structure of our ear canals is, neglible differences and major deformities aside, almost exactly the same, we perceive music in different ways. I can say for sure that amongst you readers there isn't a single person whose taste for soundwaves would be equal to that of an another. For this we can thank the most beloved mystery of science, the inner workings of our brain.

In fact it is our brain, or more precisely our ability to think, that is responsible for all the major problems that we now perceive. If you compare the workings of a human civilization to that of an insect colony, this difference can be capitalized. In the insect colony, each member has an assigned function to which they suit the best. In human civilization however, though striving to perfect it's efficiency, nothing really fits in it's place as it should. This is the byproduct of our mental independence - the final independence we're allowed to have.

So when people want you to become more efficient, to perform mindlessly like an insect following the will of the hive, keep in mind that in the end you're an individual thinker, one that can't ever be fully submerged into an external system. Learn to question the will of the hive, for through that you can find true meanings in your life. True freedom cannot exist without freedom of thought.